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Antique Furniture Cleaning

Antique Furniture Material Restoration and Cleaning

No matter what material your antique furniture is covered in: cotton, velvet, wool, antique satin or silk, we can clean and restore it and improve its appearance. Call Gary or Chris 07828155864 Antique and period furniture adds a touch of class to your home, but because of its age it needs to be treated with care. Gary Harding Specialist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are experts in antique furniture cleaning. Call us today to find out how we can help you.


Scratch removal

If your antique furniture gets scratched, don’t try to cover it yourself. Commercially available scratch coverers can make the problem more obvious. We provide flawless scratch repairs.


Furniture restoration

When you want loving restoration for your antique furniture, call us. We provide a complete restoration service, from deep cleaning to scratch covering. We can work alongside re-upholsterers to bring the original beauty of your furniture back to life.

French polishing

Does your period furniture look dull and faded? French polishing will give it a high sheen finish, as well as adding an extra level of protection. We use time honoured techniques and traditional materials. You’ll be able to see your reflection in your table top.

For bespoke restoration of your antique furniture, call:
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