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Spring Cleaning Starts with Carpet Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Starts with Carpet Cleaning

The winter draws to a close and light starts returning to your home through the windows and doors. Not to mention the air we start to let more of it in to our homes. March may bring temperatures that we are happy to leave the door open as the dog or cat goes out. Spring is in the air! But what of the odours and collections of dust and mites we created over the autumn and winter. A nice spring breeze is welcome but you might need a proper spring clean to appreciate the new feeling that comes with the year to come. Blossom on!


Spring! Time For a Clean.

Where to start? Get a proper clean of your carpet- work from the bottom up. With warm water and a solution containing carpet cleaner that gets passed through the fibres you will clean the carpet from the root. Industrial carpet cleaners do more than the smaller powered retail units and you will not get the same results. Also do you want to store another cleaning device?

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The bad smells will be sucked out, as the water in the carpet cleaner reservoir will show.

carpet cleaner

A Carpet Cleaner

Where to next? If you were doing an EOT (End of Tenancy) clean then look at the curtains, the next biggest surface to harbour smells and dust. Specialist care from Gary Harding an expert has the gear and experience to safely clean your curtains in situ. They can even plait them too. No shrinkage and no risk.

soft furnishings cleaning

Now it is just the soft furnishings to go for the grand finale, sitting on your sofa with your favourite pillows all clean and new is really something to aim for when considering to just do the carpet or get the whole place done. You will feel like you are in a show home. The ultimate feel good factor starts with a clean home.

You might be in any season and need what is called and End of Tenancy Clean EOT (We offer EOT Cleaning) clean where the results will be fit for showing new prospects the property.

So why choose Gary and Chis of Specialist Carpet Cleaning? They have worked for 35 years in the industry and have clients such as: London Department Stores, top interior designers and were voted one of London’s TOP CARPET CLEANING COMPANIES by the evening standard! That is your piece of mind and the end of your doubts. Spring is here and you just need to make the call.

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We serve wimbledon and sw19 and beyond depending on your job.

The full range of services include: Carpet cleaning, delicate fabric cleaning, curtain cleaning, soft furnishings, walls and ceilings, Antique furniture, and home cleans. Get a quotation for your custom job. If you are a bit short then just get the carpet cleaned. It is the best thing you can do if you do just one thing, they do get down trodden! You will be amazed at their case studies. A carpet that was never cleaned for 45 years came up like new- see it here.