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Fabric Wall and Ceiling Specialist Cleaning

Fabric walls and ceilings look great but over time a lot of dust and dirt can accumulate in the pleats and collect towards the higher levels of the fabric. We have a unique service, cleaning and maintaining to the highest standard. Call us for a quote on 07828155864

We have a very unique service, cleaning and maintaining fabric walls and ceilings. They look great, but it does result in a lot of dust and dirt accumulating in the pleats and collecting towards the higher levels of the fabric.


Looking after your wallpaper

Did you take a long time choosing the perfect wallpaper? If it gets stained, you don’t have to remove or replace it; we’re expert wallpaper cleaners, and we won’t damage the wallpaper itself.

Ceiling cleaning

If your roof’s been leaking it can leave discolouration and stains on your ceiling. Once the roof’s been repaired, call our ceiling cleaning experts. We’ll remove stains and rejuvenate your ceiling. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Quick deep cleaning

We use a variety of cleaning techniques, tailored to your requirements. One option is quick dry deep cleaning. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals, but cleans your surfaces quickly and effectively. We clean deep into the fibres of your fabrics, making them cleaner than ever.

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